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Add Value to your Property | MAP OUT THE SITUATION

Updated: May 30, 2020

Step 1: Map out the Situation

So you’re ready to sell. Or at least you think you are. Your property may be your biggest financial asset. Your home also holds countless memories.

Public service announcement - selling your home can turn out to be more time consuming and emotionally challenging than you had anticipated.

Putting a property up for sale is a big deal. You’re about to enter a complex and emotional transaction. Being thrown into the deep end is not pleasant for anyone, but if you’re ready to make the move, you need to begin somewhere.

This is where Step 1 of my 5-Step Strategy comes into play.

I’ll use a trip to a foreign country as an analogy. Chances are, you wouldn't just walk to the airport and hop grab whatever ticket was available. You're more likely to carefully research, plan and prepare this trip. Maybe you'll even make plans to travel with a mate. Mapping out a plan to sell your property isn’t all that different to prepping a fun overseas trip.

Let me explain:

Feeling overwhelmed is normal. Taking the time to work through these steps will help you know where you stand, and if you’re ready to embark on the journey of selling. If you've followed the guide above, you're likely to be sitting in front of a pile notes.

All this information may seem seem chaotic at the moment, but hopefully, you have a clearer idea of WHAT needs attention. Now you need to figure out WHEN it needs your attention.

You know what you're working towards, now it’s time to create a timeline to guide you.

Check back in next week, to read more on how to achieve the highest possible result for your property, within a reasonable timeframe - without losing your mind.

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