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Add Value to your Property | WHEN TO USE A STYLIST

Step 5: Put your Best Foot Forwards // Part 3

Regardless of when you list a property for sale, it will never be the only one of it’s kind on the market. Selling is a competitive business and the overall appeal of the property plays a major part in sealing the deal.

Making a property irresistible to buyers is a fine balance of considered planning, understanding what the buyers want and realising what elements might deter from the sale.

Emotions are a key factor in selling and if a buyer falls reply in love with your property, they may stretch themselves a little further financially to ensure they are successful.

The first impression the property makes on potential buyers is crucial. Get it right and you’ll hopefully be inundated with offers well above what you had hoped to receive. Get it wrong and you might struggle to receive any reasonable offers at all.

Don’t wait until your property doesn’t sell before accepting the importance of styling. Your buyers will know how long a property has been listed for and won’t forget how it was first presented. A property that sits on the market will result in a lower selling price and a reduction in genuine buyers. A stylist can set the right impression in your buyer’s mind from the very beginning of the sale campaign!

Styling helps properties look and feel like someone's new home, often achieving a higher sales price, more bidders at auctions and a quicker sale. Research suggests styled homes sell between 30 – 50% faster to un-styled properties!

It’s no secret that investing in property styling can help make the sales process smoother and maximise the return on your property investment. But when is property styling a vital ingredient to a successful sale?

The days when property styling was typically reserved for high-end and boutique homes expected to garner high prices, are long gone. While a property stylist can tell you what works and what doesn’t, there are several instances where engaging a stylist is a no brainer:

  • When selling an empty home: many buyers simply can’t picture themselves in an empty space. A stylist can create a welcoming home

  • To appeal to a particular demographic: Your agent will help you understand which type of buyer your home is most likely going to appeal to and can work with your stylist to attract that buyer.

  • If your home is tricky to love: A stylist can help you achieve that crucial first impression to entice buyers to purchase your home. This is an emotional decision for many people, so if create an impact within the first thirty seconds after someone walks through the doors, they are much more likely to be hooked.

  • When making expert selections: An interior expert will fill your home with carefully selected furniture, accessories and decor. These will fit the home perfectly and make the most of the available space, creating a desirable look and atmosphere.

  • To stand out from the crowd: A stylist can help you draw the right attention to your home, if there are many similar homes on the market. Property styling not only has a positive impact on buyers who are physically inspecting your property but also on people browsing real estate listings online. Beautiful photos of an expertly styled property will attract more interested buyers, which means more people through the door at an open house and a more competitive bidding market.

This leads me to my next point: More than 90% of buyers start their search online, making a strong online presence more important than ever.

Read more next week on how beautiful visuals can excite buyers, encouraging them to arrange a time to visit your property in person.

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