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Add Value to your Property | STYLE TO SELL

Step 5: Put your Best Foot Forwards // Part 1

If I had a dollar for every time someone asked me: “What will it take for my to property stand out from the rest?”

It’s quite simple. To attract the crowd’s attention and minimise the time on the market: Style your property for sale!

I get a lot of push back on this. Shelling out cash for a stranger to turn their Kmart furnished pad into a Hampton’s style property by lugging West Elm furniture through the door, seems to the image springs to everyone’s mind

While this is an option (although the description above quite exaggerated, more on that another day), I’ve touched on the cheapest option repeatedly throughout this guide:

Leave a lasting impression at inspections by simply investing some time into decluttering, organising, tidying and possibly decorating your property & garden.

Styling is a visual marketing tool that acts as a magnet to attract the largest pool of buyers possible, ideally generating a quicker and more lucrative sale.

Why? A styled property shows potential buyers how the space works, giving them an idea of how they could make a home of it.

An expert (ie property stylist) will be best equipped to help you decide on the optimal design and presentation techniques to style your property.

If this service is beyond your budgets, give these ten tips a go:

1. Present

Simple is the name of the game, creating a strong positive impression, potentially massively impacting the sale price.

2. “A little work” - Don’t Work!

Potential clients want to see how great your home is. Not everyone has the time to do extensive renovations.

In short:

  • Touch up whats needs some TLC

  • If in doubt, hire professionals

  • Check, then check again: don’t let little problems detract from your home’s appeal

  • The neater the room, the greater the illusion of space.

Here's how some nips & tucks prior to putting your property on the market could have a tremendous influence on the sale outcome

3. Remove

There is no greater turn off than mess and clutter. Can you picture yourself living in a grubby home? Neither can the buyer. If they cannot see the property beneath the chaos or filth, they will not be rushing to buy it. Use this list to get on top of tasks.

4. De - Personalise to attract

Keep the area emotionally neutral to create a home for your buyers. Omit personal accents, remove anything that makes the space ‘yours’ and isn’t essential to daily life: photographs, trophies and toys. Bonus: You've just fabricated the illusion of space.

5. Consider your colours:

A single, neutral, light colour throughout creates a sense of flow & space. Add style and colour through accessories.

Consider which tones you go for and what rooms you apply them to: soft blues & grey create a feeling of relaxation, bright orange & yellow hues energise a room.

6 . Define each room

Give each room a purpose! Empty rooms don’t sit well with buyers.

Show them how they could make the best use of it themselves, clearly showcasing a single purpose.The spare room that has slowly mutated into a home office/wall-in-wardrobe/guest room (aka dumping ground) needs to go.

7. Focus on Key Rooms

Keep the entire space clean, tidy and styled throughout the selling process.

Place importance on the main rooms (kitchen, living room, master bedroom & bathroom).

If the property is being advertised online, you have roughly three seconds to catch the buyer’s attention through those photos!

8. Proportions

Ensure the room contains a focal point: a great sofa, interesting artwork or styling accents.

Consider which angles photos will be taken from, and arrange furniture accordingly.

9. Details

Are you familiar with the delightful feeling when you walk into an Airbnb and the host has added thoughtful touches? A little goes a long way, especially in photos.

Greenery and flowers can freshen up a space, while matching towels and a few candles can turn a bathroom into a spa ( hot tip, close the toilet for the shots!).

10. Trust your Gut

Styling your home to sell doesn't always require an expert's advice, but if your think you could use some help, be sure to check back next week!

I'll be elaborating on the services you'll be investing into if you choose to engage a property stylist!


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