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Step 5: Put your Best Foot Forwards // Part 4

I mentioned last week that 9 out of 10 buyers start their search online. You don’t need to be a numbers person to understand that is a clear sign digital marketing has become the focal point of any successful sales strategy.

What does this mean for vendors? The photography on your listing is even more important than ever! The first time a potential buyer sees your house, it will be in a photo.

You can combine the perfect agent with the most superb property, but in order to get buyers through the door, your online photos need to be fresh and current.

Think about it, your future buyer is likely browsing sites like or, on their Iphone, while commuting, and if your photos don’t stand out - they’ll keep scrolling.

You need to make an immediate impression. Property styling can be a fantastic option to ensure your home stands out from the crowd online, enticing the maximum of buyers to inquire about, then inspect your property.

I understand it can be tempting to veer away from styling. Why not save a few dollars, photograph your property as is and “maybe invest in some styling” if the buyer feedback isn’t great.

What if told you this could severely undermine your sale price? The wrong furniture can make a property look far smaller than it is, and even the most architecturally superior property won’t stand out if staged incorrectly.

It is hard to undo the damage once your property has had an unsuccessful stint on the market. Styling your home for sale at the beginning of a campaign is the optimal way to ensure a successful sale!

If you still aren’t sold on the idea of styling a property, I encourage you to see it as an investment rather than an expense. It's guaranteed way to ensure you are presenting your home to the market to it’s fullest potential.

Not only can professional staging take the stress out of selling a home (let’s face it, knowing what colours to use and where to place furniture is not everyone’s forte), but just like your agent, a property stylist is completely invested in achieving the highest sale price and selling in the shortest time frame possible.

They know the real estate market and the demographics you are selling to, understand spatial planning and know how to elevate interest by presenting your property in the best light.

They know what suits your home, how to showcase functional spaces and can help buyers eradicate any guesswork (The king sized bed doesn’t just magically fit there).

Buying a home is so much more than exchanging money for four walls. If your buyers can picture their life there and visualise it’s full worth, the bond they form with your property is the first step towards sealing the deal.

To sell your home, you need to create an impact on the right people. Stylists understand your potential buyers and what they're looking for.

They will make decisions based on where the photographer will stand and how people will move through the space, creating a welcoming and positive environment. They will find and feature the focal point of the room, or know how to create one if necessary.

A professional stylist can help you create the impression of space, regardless whether you are selling a shoebox or a mansion. Their skill at bringing out the best in your home may make the difference between a great and an average result.

You may be moving on, but potential buyers have only just started picturing their life there.

Enhancing your home’s best features online, is the first step towards captivating your buyers and bringing them closer to stepping foot into their future home for the first time.

The key (and next week's topic): Excellent photography.

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