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Add Value to your Property | STOP 3 - REVAMP THE REST

Step 4 - Add the Finishing Touches // part 4

Refreshing your house for sale is all about possibility – letting potential buyers see what can be done and how they could feel in your home.

Two of the easiest and cheapest cosmetic overhauls: A new coat of paint on the interior or the exterior of a home and fixed up floors.

Whoever buys your house will likely repaint it anyways. Your goal: Make the house appeal to as many potential buyers as possible, while showing off the quality of the home. Off-white paint may be one of your best investments yet.

Now is not the time to bring out your inner Picasso. Buyers will have a hard time looking past jarring colours in every room and bright feature walls (both truly dead in 2020).

Study current trends to know what people want, without going overboard.

Old, dirty, tattered carpet or floorboards give the impression the property has been neglected. It'll have buyers wondering “what else is wrong”, when you want them thinking “this house is clean and inviting, what else about this house do I like?” Totally new flooring is probably overkill, but don’t underestimate the impact fresh looking flooring can have on the final sale price.


  • Replace Bright with Beige: A fresh coat of paint is the simple way to lighten up your house and get rid of any furniture marks or signs of wear (yes dirt builds here too). A neutral palette can transform any dull and drab room into a beautiful space. Make the space look bigger and more inviting with consistent shades. Neutral tones throughout the house create a flow and provide an inoffensive blank slate for brighter coloured furnishings and art pieces.

  • Reveal your Floors: If you have carpet over tiles or floorboards, think about ripping it up and showing what is underneath. Present what makes your property valuable. You can put carpet over floorboards, but it is harder to put floorboard under carpet. Bring weathered hardwood floors back to life with a coat of timber oil.


  • Accents only: Should you desperately want to add colour, make it temporary: decorations in bright colours that compliment the room, pillows and throws, art work or indoor plants add changeable pops of colours. If you insist on a feature wall, make it subtle or opt for a special paint treatment in a few spots of your home, to draw the eye where you want it to go.

  • Let the Light in: Windows are a great way to bring light and brightness into your home. Consider replacing old or outdated blinds and curtains for a simple and quick update, making your rooms appear spacious and tidy.


  • Farewell Wall Paper: Feature walls are dead, but wallpaper is beyond the afterlife. Hire a steam gun and get rid of it. Instances where wall paper still looks great are few and far between and most unlikely to appeal to a wide range of buyers.

  • Timeless Trimmings: Bright, fresh moulding can work wonders for any room, especially heritage properties. No one will know the difference between the trim that was installed decades ago and last weekends DIY project.


Organise & Tidy. Repeat: Getting your stuff out of the way makes your home look expensive and well cared for. The best part: It doesn't cost a thing!

Bonus, by removing the clutter and arranging your furniture, you'll reveal all your hard work. Disclaimer: You may need to spend a few dollars on a magic eraser to remove any scuff marks that were hidden by your junk.

We've quite literally covered everything from the window to the wall, the outside, the inside and every other nook and cranny. But we're not done yet.

We've got one last stop: Renovation Redlights. Next week, we're looking at things that you need to slam the brakes on, on your renovation road trip!

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