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Add Value to your Property | STOP 2 - REFRESH THE BATHROOM

Step 4 - Add the Finishing Touches // part 4

The bathroom has the potential to win the hearts of buyers, making it worthy of some upgrades when you're looking to sell.

Just because a bathroom is little dated or is a colour the general public may not like, this doesn’t mean you need to tear it all out. Like a kitchen, a bathroom has a number of components, making it is easy to fall into the trap of overspending on bathroom renovations.

Giving this room a new lease on life, with clean, modern and stylish fixtures and fittings, won’t necessarily cost you as much think.


  • Revamp Furnishings: Consider investing in new vanity or cabinet


  • Out with the old: Replace dated tap handles and shower heads with good quality tap ware. An easy fix to take your bathroom from mouldy and ageing, to new and modern.

  • Freshen the Floor: Renovating your bathroom floor is a sure way to completely invigorate your bathroom's appearance. Using large, light coloured tiles can make a the space seem spacious and appealing.


  • Focus on the Fit-out: If you have less of a budget, look into new fittings such as the towel rail, toilet roll holder, toilet seat and refresh the grout.

  • Coat it with Paint: A coat of paint can make the room look bright and clean if it’s a little dated: try the vanity or the tiles for an instant revamp at a small price.


  • Details & Decor: Add life to this room with design changes and soft furnishings: Flowers and plants, art and colourful patterned towels do the trick.


Dirt don't Work: An outdated bathroom can be overlooked if it is well cared for. Left unattended, dirt and grime are off-putting and can have a disastrous impact on the value of your property. Make the space as clean, spacious and inviting as possible for the cheapest refresh.

Just like a roadside rest area, the fresher and cleaner it looks, the less of a rush visitors will be in to get in and out.

Next week, we're on to the next and final pitstop: walls & floors.

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