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Add Value to your Property | STOP 1 - REVITALISE THE KITCHEN

Step 4 - Add the Finishing Touches // part 3

The kitchen is often called the 'the heart of a home'. It is one of the big ticket rooms well worth investing in. It pays off.

If you have a great house with a shoddy kitchen, then you are missing out on dollars you could be putting in your pocket.

Kitchens don't usually need to be ripped out entirely to freshen up the space. Doing it up on the cheap can still do the trick. They have a lot of components, so it can be easy to overspend. I've put together some options for every budget for you to consider:


  • Open Plan Kitchens: Currently all the rage. If you want to tap in on this trend but have walls in your way, consider having a professional remove them.

  • Butler's Pantries: Very fashionable, very useful to achieve a classic, minimalist look. It’s a big investment, but in some cases, worth considering.


  • Tip Tops: You don’t have to rip out the entire kitchen bench to make it look brand new. A sleek new counter top can bring your old, worn out kitchen back to life.

  • Energise the Electricals: If your stove top and oven are clearly showing their age or stand out like a sore thumb, it may be time to replace them. Get something that blends in to your new modern style kitchen. Keep in mind that an old one will reduce value more than the new will increase value, so don’t go crazy with the bells and whistles.


  • Paint or Replace: Keep the cupboards, replace the doors with new ones or paint them if your budget is small.

  • Fresh Fittings: Taps bear a minimal cost to upgrade, but they will significantly increase the appeal of your kitchen.


  • Hip Hardware: Get new, modern handles for your doors and drawers. By all means, get inspired by Instagram or Pinterest, but don’t go overboard - keep it simple & sophisticated.


  • Stage for Sale: Making the space clean, uncluttered and inviting for when prospective buyers inspect won’t cost you a dollar, but it may earn you some!

Alright, we've spent long enough at our first stop - every one has had the time to grab a snack. But the journey doesn't stop here. We're moving right on to the next very important stop of the itinerary, the one everyone eventually needs, on every road trip.

You guessed it, I'll catch you next week for some hints to hike up your investment on return - in the bathroom!

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