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Add Value to your Property | PROPERTY STYLING 101

Step 5: Put your Best Foot Forwards // Part 2

What if I told you that spending money on your property could speed up the sales process. What if it could get you a superior sale price?

It's logical to be reluctant. After all, it seem ludicrous to be spending money on property you’re trying to get maximal value from. Cue property styling.

It’s main objective: To evoke a sense of home and comfort while creating appeal to the masses. It can drive more interest towards your home, elevating the sales price, while significantly reducing the length of the sales process.

Maximising the sale price of your asset involves finding the perfect combination of the right agent, presenting your property in its best light and having beautiful photography, which I’ll touch on later.

Properties need to present beautifully in print, online and design. A property stylist will know exactly what design strategies to apply, to create a well-thought out, balanced interior, that will attract potential buyers. If investing in staging is not within your budget, here are ten simple solutions to make your listing stand out.

What exactly does property styling entail?

Otherwise known as staging, property styling involves using a wide range of presentation and design techniques to improve the appeal of your home, making your home attractive to a broad range of people.

By removing your personality from the home, you allow buyers to envision themselves living in the property, eliciting an emotional response, which ideally results in a sale.

Clear, clean and simple is the objective, while still making your property feel like a home.

You can DIY if you’d like, but if interior design is not your strongest suit, you could end up doing more harm than good to the appeal of your property.

The scale of property styling employed strongly depends on the property and what objectives the seller has in mind. In some instances, a few minor cosmetic alterations, such as tasteful artworks or a couple soft furnishings to add colour, do the trick.

For a vacant property, property styling includes everything from small accessories and decorative pieces through to large furniture items.

Don’t fret, a property styling company will have furniture and furnishings they can set up in your home, available to rent for a set period of time– often up to six weeks.

Additionally, the stylist will strive to enhance your home’s ambience and practicality, enhancing it’s best features.

They will study the rooms’ layouts, rearranging furniture, suggesting placement or even removing certain items, as well as decluttering spaces, to make them feel more open and welcoming.

Their expert advice and hire fees can be contracted for very reasonable prices and can remove all the stress from styling your home for sale. By putting their expertise to work, they improve the look and appeal of your home, helping you gain an edge in a competitive market and maximising your profits.

A professional stylist who is knowledgeable and experienced in real estate can provide all the above services and resources to highlight your property and showcase it’s full potential.

If you're still unsure whether staging is the right option for you, read more next week, where I go into all the details about when engaging a property stylist is a must!

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