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Add Value to your Property | PREP AND PRIME FOR PHOTOS

Step 5: Put your Best Foot Forwards // Part 6

More than ever before, we rely on visual content, in particular photos and videos, to make purchasing decisions, and real estate is no exception to this.

If you still believe you can easily DIY this part of the selling process, I highly recommend you read through this post. Still not convinced?

There are many budget-friendly ways to sell your house, but real estate photography is one element you shouldn’t skimp on.

Put yourself in the buyers shoes: picture yourself scrolling past a listing. Would you pay attention to an unappealing property? Didn’t think so.

You have 8 seconds to leave a lasting impression, it would be a shame to waste them, doing your house a great disservice.

Surely you’ve looked at listings before and wondered “why on earth would anyone use that photo to sell their home?!”. The blurry, dimly lit photos, dirty dishes in the sink, cupboards wide open, junk all over the vanity and unmade beds; We’ve all scoffed at those, there is no shame in admitting it.

According to industry statistics, only 10% of buyers can visualise a home’s potential. That means 9 out of the ten people inspecting your property can’t actually picture themselves living in it.

How can you confront this awful statistic? By being prepared!

As I mentioned here, 88% of buyer use the internet as the main tool for their property search! Photos can make or break a buyers interest, so they have to make a significant impact. Your best bet: professional photography!

Real estate photographers have an eye for the details that should be captured and displayed. They know how to position themselves in prospective buyer's shoes, capturing your house perfectly to show off it’s best features. They have the expertise required to take the photo from perfect angle (how they capture the entire tight bathroom without getting a piece of themselves in the mirror is magic to me too!).

However, they are not paid to clean or style your property, so they will photograph what they are presented with. This means it is your responsibility to ensure your house looks pristine the day they arrive.

Everyone has busy lives. I strongly recommend booking photography on a day that best suits you, at an hour that gives you ample time to get everything ready. While your home does not need to look like a museum or a Pinterest feed, ensuring it is neat and tidy is key.

Plenty of natural light only improves the photos, so keep the blinds up, curtains drawn and windows clean. You could even throw in some fresh flowers if you’re feeling fancy.

Images tell a story about how your home is used and lived in, creating a connection with the buyer, compelling them to further investigated into your property, because they can see it's potential.

If you're intrigued about what else a photographer can do for your property, stay tuned for some valuable insights, coming next week!

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