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Add Value to your Property | PHOTOGRAPHY AND BEYOND

Step 5: Put your Best Foot Forwards // Part 7

The first thing that springs to most people's mind when thinking of real estate photography are wide-angle, over saturated shots. I bet you didn't know the contrast is deliberately enhanced, because it naturally catches the eye and draws attention to the shots!

Aside from tweaking the colours, a professional photographer will know how to retouch the photos to unlock the property’s appeal. Doing this without misrepresenting the property takes a lot of skill, because the latter could be misleading, opening a whole other can of worms.

The photographer will usually keep your house exactly the way it was, with the exception of some light photoshopping to lighten shadows or remove visible stains. As mentioned above, they may increase the saturation, as stronger contrast attracts the eye, or in some cases, use digital decluttering to create a cleaner shot. (Trick of the trade, if you have a pet, let them steal the show. Chances are they will be the highlight of the shots, so don’t shy away from using them as a prop!)

Should you have a bit more room in your budget, you could consider adding drone photography and video to your marketing efforts, to make your listing stand out from surrounding homes for sale.

With the recent restrictions that came about through COVID 19, the importance of video material skyrocketed. Virtual tours allow potential buyers to get a feel for the property and give them the possibility to get another view of the layout and house design. Out-of-area buyers can even get a glimpse of the neighbourhood, not to mention the appeal it adds to your property.

Adding drone and twilight images as well as videos to your listing may not even cost as much as you may think, but it may substantially influence the allure of your home. It creates a prestigious look and can easily show off amenities, adding more perceived value.

This could elevate your listing to be the benchmark buyers compare other properties to. If the homes look stunning, then the perceived value of the buyer rises, increasing the home’s demand. Simple economics: low supply and high demand means an increase in price.

Your photos will be on the frontline to market your home. Rather than classifying them as a necessary expense to list your home, think beyond the listing. This quality content can be repurposed for perpetual marketing, maximising your photography expense, for example on social media.

If the prospect of the home your selling going viral isn’t enticing enough, remember that 98% of prospective home-buyers mentioned that the photos determined whether they visited the property.

Professional photos will help sell your listing faster, for more value, and make you look amazing, attracting more buyers and sellers to your listing (as opposed to becoming laughing stock of the internet).

Next week, I'll be writing about the steps necessary to make sure you're optimally prepared for the moment buyers walk through the door!

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