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Add Value to your Property | OPEN HOME PREPARATION

Step 5: Put your Best Foot Forwards // Part 8

Once you've created an impact online, a property inspection is the first opportunity for potential buyers to get a good look at your home.

Seize this opportunity to increase your chance of a quick and profitable sale by making the most of this first impression.

Here's a handy list of ten little actions that can go a long way!

1. Start Outside

  • Tidy the exterior. It’s the first thing potential buyers will see, so make sure the entrance and/or yard are clean and tidy.

  • The fewer obstacles between prospects and the true appeal of your home, the better.

2. Complete Small Repairs

  • For an extensive checklist, refer to this post.

  • If you haven’t gotten around to that yet, at least lock in a weekend to fix: chipped tiles, flaking paint, dripping taps and carpet stains, before an open home.

3. Clear the Mess

  • Create the neatest space you possibly can. If you’re time-poor, ensure at the very least all areas immediately visible are tidy

  • Neat, tidy and clean inside is a non-negotiable: Anything that can be opened (doors, cupboards and drawers etc.) will most likely be opened.

  • Remove clutter, even practical things such as portable fans and heaters or extension cords.

4. Clean

  • It goes without saying that your home should be spotless

  • During inspections, it doesn’t hurt to go above and beyond: Wash the windows, tidy all cupboards, weed the gardens, mow the lawn and empty the bins.

5. Make it smell nice

  • A clean smelling house creates a positive image in the buyer’s mind. There is nothing more off-putting than bad smells.

  • Common culprits you may oblivious to, but an unaccustomed visitor may notice: odours from cooking, cigarette smoke, pets, the air conditioning vent and the bin you haven't taken out.

  • Staying on top of odours during the campaign is essential. The best strategy: remove the source of odour. If covering it up is the next best thing, use carpet deodorisers, air fresheners and room deodorises.

  • Consider adding delightful scents once the offensive ones have been removed: Light perfumed candles or use scented plug-ins to make your home smell pleasant.

6. Let the light in

  • Lighting is extremely important in any viewing: Well-lit rooms indoors create a warmer environment and are much more welcoming

  • Allow as much natural light in as possible: Pull curtains, raise blinds, and let the sun shine in.

  • If you don’t get much natural light, turn on sufficient lighting during any inspection. (Tip: Make sure all light bulbs & switches work beforehand!)

7. Get the temperature right

  • If it’s hot, turn on your air conditioning, or open doors and windows to create airflow.

  • If it’s cold outside, create a welcoming ambience with indoor heating or open fires.

  • If buyers feel uncomfortable, they'll be pressed to leave - not ideal!

8. Freshen Up

  • Crisp bedsheets: All beds should be made and look pristine before any inspection.

  • Fresh, new, clean towels: Make sure you don’t have old, stained towels on display, possibly invest in some ‘show’ towels.

9. Add life:

  • Fresh flowers, bowls of fruit or easy to maintain pot plants show that your home is loved and cared for and receive lots of attention during inspections.

  • Wall-mounted paintings, prints and photos should be hung at eye level and attractively grouped, removing any dated, stained or extreme taste pictures.

10. Pre Inspection cleaning:

  • You may find yourself cleaning a lot if you’re still living in the property during the sale. Vacuuming and dusting daily may be excessive, but make sure the property looks presentable!

  • Some things to look out for: dirty dishes in the sink or dishwasher, full laundry hampers, wipe down surfaces or spot clean prior to inspections.

Smash through this list for optimal open home results and be sure to check back soon for some inspection day information!

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