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Add Value to your Property | EXTERIOR MAKEOVER

Step 4 - Add the Finishing Touches // part 1

I’ve harped on about adding value to your property for weeks on end. I’ve shared many different options to boost your home’s wow factor, in the most time & cost efficient manner.

Today, we’re pulling out the big guns and looking at a few different ways to give your home a major facelift! We all judge a book by it’s cover, and the very first thing a buyer sees is - you guessed it - your property’s facade!

They’ll be waiting outside, especially in this day & age of social distancing, with plenty of time to scrutinise every corner of your home.

You want to grab their attention and only increase their eagerness to see what's inside!

Give your home a full spa treatment, pamper it until it glows - it'll look as good as new!

1. Clean

  • Rinse & Repeat

  • Indulge in the satisfaction of power washing years of dirt and grime off the exterior, porch, walkway, and driveway.

  • Grime be Gone

  • A bit of elbow grease goes a long way: clear out any debris and scrub the outside of your gutters until they look good as new

2. Maintenance

  • Flawless Finishes

  • Tiny flaws stand out against a picturesque exterior: Tend to ripped screens, cracked windows, burnt out bulbs, or chipped paint. Bonus points if you check that the doorbell or intercom works.

  • Face Value

  • Keep the roof & gutters in good condition. Paint, fix, patch, wash or reseal railings, steps, screens, front door, fences, gates and driveways.

3. Groom the Green Things:

  • Five Minute Treatment

  • Pick up dead branches, rake in leaves, clean up the pool, collect any clutter or debris - a quick & budget friendly fix.

  • Luscious Lawns

  • Just like a beard, regular attention keeps your lawn looking suave. Mow it, water any brown spots and pick up toys or equipment lying around.

  • Instant Refresh

  • Trim shrubs and bushes, remove stray weeds from flower beds and trim edge paths for an instantly neat look.

  • Highlight Features

  • No need to uproot the entire garden. A few pops of colour or fresh greenery does the job. Frame key visual points for max effect: windows, entryways, etc.

  • Express Rejuvenation

  • Turf old, cracked pots and invest in a few new planters for an instant makeover.

4. Quick Fixes

  • Simple Symmetry

  • Create focal points for an immediate put together & pleasant look.

  • Furniture Revamp

  • Toss out or update outdoor furniture in need of repair. Find a good balance: too much will look cluttered, too little will give off a scarce or neglected vibe.

  • Extra Edge

  • Treat your home to a bit of bling: Doormats and wreaths add charm and character.

  • Level Up

  • Replace existing hardware (doorknobs, knockers & house numbers) with something tasteful.

5. Bigger Projects

  • Mailbox Makeover

  • Swap out a dated mailbox with something more stylish.

  • Let there be Light

  • There’s nothing welcoming about a dark entryway. Clean off cobwebs and debris around outdoor light fixtures, or replace them with something fun & fresh.

  • Dramatic Doors

  • A fresh lick of paint will make your door pop & dominate the street. Bonus points if you choose a bold colour. Use the leftovers for the garage door!

  • Classy Catwalk

  • Invite buyers in with a neat and well-defined and lit path. A little goes a long way for a luxurious feel.

Beauty may come from the inside, but your home is undoubtedly an exception to the rule. Street appeal is the name of the game you're about to become a champion at!

I’ll be back shortly with everyone’s favourite segment - home renovations.

Stay tuned!

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