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Add Value to your Property | CREATE A SOLID FOUNDATION

Updated: Jun 15, 2020

Step 2: Create a Solid Foundation

Knowing what needs some TLC is great, but the key to getting anything done is prioritising! You want to make the most out the weeks or months leading up to your sale, so I’ve created a timeline to get you organised.

Remember your notes from last week’s post? Grab that to-do list with all the odds & ends that need some attention before putting your home up for sale.

It goes without saying, that this is just a suggested guideline that you can adjust according to your needs and priorities.

I hope this timeline helps you see the bigger picture & will assist you when planning the months leading up to a sale. Anything to keep the stress at bay!

One last tip - you’ve put a lot of effort into preparing your home for showtime. Maintain cleanliness & regularly declutter your home throughout the time it’s listed. Breakfast crumbs on the counter & sneaky dust bunnies in the corner are not a good look.

For your own peace of mind & privacy, consider shutting down all devices or password protecting them, remove personal items like invites or mail that have migrated to the fridge or counters and put away small valuables.

Now that you've laid out a foundation, we can finally get stuck into the fun stuff - making your home look as attractive as possible!

Check back next week for some easy upgrade ideas to make your property stand out!

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