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Add Value to your Property | METHOD TO THE MADNESS

Updated: May 30


How do I add value to my property, without breaking the bank? Where do I begin, what are some key things to invest in, what should I definitely avoid? Preparing a house for a sale can be overwhelming and tedious.

Australia’s real estate market is competitive, so it’s only natural to want to add value to your asset. Simply offering the lowest price in the area is not how you want to make an impression! You want to stand out for all the right reasons, and it definitely doesn’t hurt to increase your return on investment.

So where do you begin? Upgrade the kitchen? Throw in a pool? Paint the exterior a different colour? Invest in a social media marketing package?

Before embarking on an endless frenzy of DIY projects, I recommend you take a moment to slow down and regroup. Having a plan of attack is key to achieving the results you desire for your property.

There is method to this madness and I have boiled it down to a few steps I’ll be elaborating on in series of blog posts:

1. Map out the Situation

  • This is your opportunity to figure out where you and your property stand

  • I’ll elaborate on how to analyse essential factors such as your property, your target market, your price point and how to choose the right agent

2. Create a Solid Foundation

  • Before you whip out your toolbox, you need a blueprint. This information will help you decide on what you are aiming for

  • Expect checklists, how to’s and tips on buyers, budgets and building reports

3. Lay the Ground Work

  • Now you get to roll up your sleeves - within reason

  • We’ll look at simple steps and little tweaks you can apply to maximise your property’s appeal

4. Add the Finishing Touches

  • Finally, you can let your inner fixer-upper run free

  • You’ll find out what is worth investing time and money in, to give your home and quick and easy revamp, as well as what areas to avoid, to make selling a fun experience

5. Put your Best Foot Forward

  • Once you’ve done all the hard work, it’s time to let your property take the stage

  • We’ll discuss the benefits of staging/styling and photography & videography and touch on important factors like sale methods and marketing.

If getting the highest results for your property sounds appealing, stay tuned for

Step 1: Map out the Situation - coming soon

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